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Okay Ive given up on the Motorhead contest video. Ive just been really busy with school and the idea I have now just sounds weird and dumb lol so oh well Im sure someone very deserving will win! (not that i was gonna win in the first place, haha) I just wonder what “very exclusive prizes” means, I want exclusive prizes!:(


Anonymous asked:

spell ur name with the questions :)

S: whats my ringtone: a default for iPhone but I’ve been meaning to change it to a motorhead song, not sure which though

O: Fav color: purple, brown, black, gold, etc.

P: if I have any pets: names: yes, I have a dog named Sharon and my moms bf who lives with us has a cat named Prudence (guess which band he’s a big fan of?)

H: fav book: White Line Fever 

I: eye color: blue

E: Religion: rock n roll


I will answer them if I get any.

  • A:


  • B:

    Where I'm from.

  • C:

    Where I would like to live.

  • D:

    Favourite food.

  • E:


  • F:

    Sexual orientation.

  • G:


  • H:

    Favourite book.

  • I:

    Eye colour.

  • J:

    Favourite movie.

  • K:

    Favourite TV show.

  • L:

    Favourite band/singer.

  • M:

    Random fact about me.

  • N:

    Favorite day of the year.

  • O:

    Favourite colour.

  • P:

    If I have any pets; if so, their names.

  • Q:

    What I'm listening to right now.

  • R:

    Last movie I've watched.

  • S:

    What's my ringtone.

  • T:

    Favourite male character from a TV show.

  • U:

    Favourite female character from a TV show.

  • V:

    What my name means.

  • W:

    Favourite superhero.

  • X:

    Celebrity crush.

  • Y:

    My birthday.

  • Z:

    Ever self-harmed?

Wish I was on the Motorboat cruise. Even though last time I was on a cruise apparently I was stuck in my room seasick half of the trip and even though Motorhead would be the only act I love, its still better than being stuck in this hell hole called college. 

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