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I feel like Im gonna end up like Lemmy (although not has cool, talented, badass, and sexy) but I mean living alone in a small apartment surrounded by collections of stuff with clutter everywhere and making just fries for myself for dinner XD 

I really love Motorhead.

Something different about them from the other bands I have started to like recently. Its like when I fell in love with the  Stones, and all mighty love that surpasses everyone else. 

Although I have moved on from the Stones which is a weird feeling, Idk why I feel this way I just don’t have much love for them anymore. I even felt guilty about it which is stupid, I guess sometimes it just happens? 

I just hope I love motorhead five ever 

I havent even finished 6 seconds of the Motorhead Video thing and Its already looking trash, ugh why do I bother it aint gonna win at all no matter what I do.  way more talented, more deserved people to win out there

and besides I think the live track is from San Fran and listening to it is actually making me a little sad cause I miss them :(

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